Marriage…Long stretches of Boring? (II)

Last week, I posted a blog about marriage being long stretches of boring and why I disliked that statement. After thinking about it a little more, I would like to go back and clarify something.

I think at times, life is boring, or dull, or whatever phrase you want to use. Marriage is about doing life together – whatever life turns out to look like.

I still hold to the idea that life is what you choose for it to be, and that boring is a choice. If I am finding my life to be dull or boring, then that becomes an  issue of being content. Life can not be exciting every single day, but if I am content, I hope to find small pleasures everyday.

So perhaps for the person that said the original statement, life was stretches of boring. To pin the tag on marriage as the reason or cause is destructive from the beginning.

phew. feel better now that I cleared that up.


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