Friday yuckies


I have been so excited about Fall being just around the corner. I love this time of year – even though the year is almost over, everyone gets charged up for one last round due to school starting again. The weather is nice, the leaves change color, and the holidays are near. No doubt – my favorite time of year.

With one exception. School starting again = kids swapping all their germs.  I work with kids 0-5 years old. They can not wipe their green snot by themselves people. They do not cover their mouths when they cough ( in fact, they usually get in your face and then cough, just to make sure you got your share) sigh , the fun of working with kids.

After only getting 3 (yes, 3) hours of sleep last night due to this cold/congestion/lump in my throat, I broke down and called the doctor. I’m going to go get drugs.


One thought on “Friday yuckies

  1. Julie September 14, 2007 / 2:41 pm

    Friend, I actually started a blog and didn’t keep it up. You inspire me to keep it up, so I think I will! I think I like the one you are doing through wordpress, so I’m just going to look into that. I’m even going to get my mom to do one because she’s got a whole lot of good thoughts floating around in her head.

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