Nerd Alert

There are times in life where you catch a very clear glimpse of who you are. Today I found myself counting down the days until I leave to go to Florida for a conference for work.

I am looking forward to getting out of the State for a few days -no offense to anyone from here. I grew up traveling, and sometimes being in one place for too long makes me ill.  Plus, I really do love to travel, despite a not-so-pleasant flight/emergency landing over the Pacific Ocean while in college (more on that later). The hotel we are staying in is really nice. Think lagoon beach/pool, luaus, fire ceremonies, and best of all- a king sized room all to myself.  The hotel is directly outside of Universal Studios. Too bad the park closes at 6pm and our meetings end at 6.

I’m not sure which part I am most looking forward to – the travel or the conference.  The ZerotoThree conference is focused on infant mental health and covers the most interesting topics. For example, did you know we can scientifically determine what babies cries mean for the first three months of life?

So even though it is work related, in my brain, it is a vacation . 23 days and counting down.

And yes, I finally figured out how to hyperlink, so I was little link-happy today.


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