It’s good to be home

I’m back and Florida was great!! I left my camera at home, but another lady I was traveling with had a much better camera and she was willing to share her pics and videos. So, once I get those, I will be sure to post them.

 It was a great conference. I had the time of my life. The seminars were incredible, the free resources fantastic, the food amazing and the hotel was relaxing. The hotel was a Polynesian theme  – it was easy to feel like you were in Bali.  We went to an excellent dinner with the Bounce learning network at the Palms Restaurant at the Hard Rock Hotel (very fun) and also managed to go to a luau dinner ( also very fun). 

Let’s see…what else? The seminars were great – I’m feeling all charged up and ready to go. I got into the Dunstan Baby Language session and was very happy I did. It’s an interesting program. And it was nice to hear an Australian accent again.  I think I am going to start a new parents parenting group at work and use this information as well as few other nifty tidbits I picked up.

The pictures tell the story better than I do, so I will wait until I get those.


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