Ice Storm Day 2

It was a long night- we could hear transformers surging and exploding until 2am. Jeremy kept having to jump up and look outside the window to make sure everything was okay.  A house about a 1/2 block away had a transformer fall in the back yard and catch on fire.  Things finally calmed down and we got a good night’s sleep.

I woke up this morning and saw on the TV that my office had closed for the day. Woot woot!

The view from the front door this morning:


This was our tree a few weeks ago after we got it trimmed for winter:


Notice how the branch is high over the street? Well, today it is a little weighed down:


Our poor tree – it’s strugglin’.


Remember the ice covered grass blades from last night?




As I am typing this, there are tree branches falling and the power is flickering. More later


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