Making faith accessible

My dad wrote a blog yesterday, and I know I already wrote a post about it, but….

It got my brain a-thinking. I think that being honest when our teachings of faith do not line up with experiences, makes faith easier to understand. How is it that we think that because we do not understand something, then it must not be true? Fact is, I want my God to know more than me. I know that sounds silly, but I’m just being honest.  Things will happen that I do not always understand, but that does not mean that my faith is wrong or flawed. Or that it is a blind, thoughtless faith. It means it is faith.

When being honest about faith this way, I would hope it makes it more understandable, reachable, and livable to others.

If you haven’t read the post I am talking about, go read it now. You are welcome.


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