The hunt would continue… if only I knew where to hunt.

I spent the ENTIRE weekend hunting for a lamp. Who knew there were so many ugly lamps in the world. I didn’t need an old lady lamp, or a tall skinny lamp, an ultra cool futuristic lamp or a lamp with antlers. I needed a lamp to sit on my new desk at work. Something nice and stylish, but not ridiculously noticeable. And a few decorative wall pieces. “It shouldn’t be too difficult” I told my husband.  It took a little convincing for him to agree that it was worth spending our personal money for something that will be sitting on my desk at work. “I’ll just find a cheap lamp, like, $7 dollars or something.” He cautiously agreed and I set off on the hunt for a cheap, lovable lamp.

I figured it would be easy – A few stores at most.


I went to ( in order:)

Hobby Lobby

Mardels- for decorative stuff, not a lamp. strike one

Big Lots


Bed Bath and Beyond

Barnes & Nobel – strike two for decorative items




Tuesday Morning

Target – different one


And then I gave up and went home.

But on Sunday, I wrangled up enough energy and tried again. Kirklands,Pottery Barn, Mathis Brothers, and finally, Garden Ridge. And then it happened. I was about to give up at Garden Ridge but I walked down the isles once more. I happened to glance up and on the top shelf . There is was. For $7.


My soul is at peace now. My poor feet can rest.


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