Sorry for the lack of blogs- to say that life has been crazy lately would be an understatement. What have I been up to you ask? Well…….

-Working every weekend (blah)

-Redecorating the office (and somehow managing to tear up the rest of the house in the process)

-Helping out at the church as we moved into a new building

-Made about 6 new friends through great events at our church

-Had a weekend 4 days of food poisoning

-Finished construction of a new playroom at work

-Had job duties change at work

-Job duties changed again. this time for the better.

-Celebrated birthdays and weddings- the good times in life

-Fighting off the sudden urge to spring clean the entire house- including the attic

-Feeling an overwhelming urgency to put more into our ministry at the church and wondering how on earth I am going to do it.

So there you have it. Not anything big or overly important, just stuff to make the day fly by.  I actually took a few days off work to get a little rest, but got food poising (or the flu) instead. Not sure which, it did not matter. I was sure I was going to die.

Life is looking as though it may start to calm down.  Actually, I can’t lie. I just scoffed, just now, as I wrote that. I don’t think life will ever be quite again. Not that I am complaining – at all. When my husband and I joined our church back in August, we intuitively knew that we would become busy with church  and social commitments. We are thrilled. Both of our families do not live in the city, so to have a such a great community is wonderful. However I am a homebody. If I could have a week where I did not have to leave my house, I probably would not. Social interactions wear me out, and solitude is how I refresh.

All that to say, life is busy, we love it, and I will start blogging again soon.


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