Get off your Ash

I often tell clients during a session, “Sometimes the most therapeutic thing you can do is come to your time here and put it down. You carry it around all week, every day it affects you. Sometimes people find comfort in the fact that they can come here, and put it down for an hour. For one hour, you don’t have to deal with it alone. Or, you can ignore it. For one hour, this is a safe place where you are allowed to focus on something else. When you leave, you go back to your life and deal with it again for the week.”

 Today in church, Pastor Steve talked about getting off your ash. He talked about if you don’t remove the ash at the bottom of the fire, it builds up and eventually leaves no room for the fire. It goes out. He talked about how we let the ash from our lives build up- hurt, disappointment, lost dreams,  and lost hopes.  Eventually we are covered in ash.

During ministry time, I thought of the statement I say so often to clients. I though of my relationship with God. Do I do the same thing? I come to service every week, raise my hands and go into worship for my most intimate time with Him. When I am there, I present myself wholly and let Him take everything. But when worship is over, I pick everything up and take it back with me for the week. Why do I do that? It has been an unconscious move. It is ash- no longer useful. It really is okay for me to let it go. God is a big boy, He can probably handle my ash.

For me, this has been such a relief. Sometimes I feel like we walk around as if we have double sided tape on us and we carry around yesterday. I’ll bet we look rather silly. What a relief to know that I can be free to walk around in today, and tomorrow know that I can let today go.

You can download the podcast of the sermon from this morning here.


2 thoughts on “Get off your Ash

  1. Jessica March 10, 2008 / 9:33 am

    Get off your ash. That’s catchy, I like it! you know how Steve gives all the b-ball players nicknames when he introduces them at the games… I dub him Steve “The alliterator” Ely. I like what you said about God being a big boy, and he can handle us. So many times I take everything on myself and I forget that I have the Lord right there ready to guide and help me. Thanks Ang! I’m glad you are becoming so insightful 🙂 It makes me think about more than poopy diapers and trying to get Ryan to turn off the lights when he leaves a room.

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