Peeved & Pleased II

It’s time for Peeved and Pleased, Part II:

Currently Peeved by:

1. My Palm E2


 a)Perhaps it was the fact that I couldn’t wait for the stupid thing to fully charge, but I had so many problems with the device, I wound up taking back to the store the next day and got a replacement. The replacement model worked better, but I still had a lot of problems with the software.

 b) The customer service people at Staples are making the peeved list. I wound up returning my Palm (the second one) and they did not make it the most pleasurable experience.  They were rude and acted like by asking them for a refund (within the allowed time frame noted on the receipt) that I had asked them to do something really difficult. After telling my the return was impossible, they did it anyway. I left frustrated, but relieved to be done with the whole thing.






Currently Pleased by:

1. Apple Ipod Touch


I now have several things I use everyday all together: Internet, calendar, and my ipod. I might be addicted. 

2. My awesome ninja house cleaning skills

Although I have been sick, I have managed to keep the house clean for two weeks straight!! I am very happy with myself.

3. Our Church!


I love going on Sundays. I’m growing and changing, expanding on the inside. It’s exciting! If you live in the area, feel free to drop in one Sunday. Come slip into the back row and check it out.


4. Medication with Codeine


I’ve had a bug for the past weeks I could not shake. I went to the doctor on Monday and get some antibiotics. By Friday I had finished the medicine and was getting sicker. Back to the Doctor I went. He appeared to be bumfuzzled the previous prescription did not work and appeared slightly offended that I managed to get sicker. He gave me new pills and cough medicine with codeine. Yea for modern medicine! It makes me a little loopy though. Earlier today,  I went out to the car to get something. 15 minutes later, Jeremy came into the house informed me I left the car door wide open with the keys laying on the chair.  Yep, gotta love that codeine!



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