Why I Love my Husband

This morning while I was laying in bed awake but trying to pretend the alarm clock did not exist, Jeremy rolled over and said, “Oh yeah, I forgot I have a baby shower for coworker at work today. Can you go online to Target and get more of those baby thingies (and by thingies he meant clothes) that you bought last week for that couple at church?”

I informed him he probably needed something today and the thingies/clothes I bought last week were on sale, and sale items were probably not online. About forty minutes later Jeremy asked, “Do you still have that bottle of Scotch-guard?”

There is currently a bottle of Scotch-guard with a small bow wrapped around it sitting by our door.


*Edit- After reading this, Jeremy wanted me to make sure to mention that he is fully planning on buying a real gift over the weekend. 



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