No blood, not even a tear

We sat down this afternoon and finished our budget. (If you do not understand the significance of this, please read this link)  We have, of course, done budgets before. However our previous budgets went something like this:

                                                        XXXX (Income) 

                                                  —        XX (Bills)


                                                                XX (Free Money)

Free Money usually included stuff like groceries, gas, eating out, etc.

With the budget we did for this class we are in, we had to spend every dollar on paper before the month starts. I was really sweating it. The budget form they gave us to use was pretty inclusive- it was three pages long!

When I saw that we had burned through 4/5’s of our income on the first page- I got a VERY.BAD.FEELING.

But it all turned out fine. In fact, at the end of next month, we will have completed Baby Step 1, have a good jump start on Step 2 and pay for our July vacation in cash.   Yep, in cash.

Worth it.


2 thoughts on “No blood, not even a tear

  1. Jessica May 27, 2008 / 8:36 am

    woohoo! That is awesome, I know its hard but it will be such a great feeling when you have the debt beast tamed.

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