The “B” Word

Recently, Jeremy and I decided to enroll in Financial Peace University.  This is our third week, and I have to say, we kind of love it.  The first week or two is really fun, I was all, “Whoo-hoo, we are gonna be debt free and smart with our money!”

And then the rubber hit the road. Our homework assignment last week- add up your total debt. Ouch. There was a small nervous breakdown in the house, and it came from me.

Let me say, we have been very good about not accumulating debt since we have been married. Except for a $70 toilet  we put on a credit card when we bought our house 4 years ago. And a partial amount for a new furnace. That’s it. Pretty good huh? ( oh, I forgot my Target card. I kept the limit low, but I tend to use it only in case of emergencies, as my fried Jess puts it. The Ipod was totally an emergency)

But then there was the student loans. As Dave Ramsey puts it, ” Sallie Mae has her own room in my house.”

I remember sitting in the financial aid office and someone saying, ” Now by signing this form you are agreeing to repay the total amount you are borrowing.” And I thought, “Sure, no sweat because after school I will have a job that banks and I can totally pay these off. Plus, I’m sure it is a small payment amount every month, I can definitely do that.” 


Now I am working, and I have discovered it is more of a calling than a way to earn a million dollars. I love what I do, I just wish the field paid a little more.


Our homework for this week is to do -A BUDGET ……AND LIVE BY IT






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