Why I do what I do

If you have a few moments, read this story. It is a story you will never forget. If you want to follow up with pictures and audio clips, you can click here.

Sometimes people ask me, “What kind of therapy can you really do with a two year old?” You can be a model of a healthy and caring adult. You can teach kids to use and understand words like hurt, sad, and mad. You can help them grieve. Because no matter how horrible your mama is, she is still your mama and there is no one like her. And sometimes a kid has to grieve the fact that mama did not care for them like mama’s are supposed to.


Also, you can’t give what you never got. Imagine what kind of childhood this mother had. Imagine if she had therapy at a young age to help her re-define healthy relationships, what childhood is supposed to look like, and what ‘normal’ really was. It might just have saved this little girl from her horrible first 7 years of life.


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