There have been so many things going on, it is going to be easier to ramble a little to catch you up rather than trying to be clever in several different blogs.

  • The past few days have really been an eye opener to adjust my perspective in life. I have been humbled by God’s favor and grace which is so evident in my life. I am praying I never let my newest understanding of grace become clouded by the mundane daily events. I know I am not making myself very clear. I am not trying to be cryptic. The truth is the details of how I have come to realize this are insignificant to the theme I am learning.


  • The elections are growing ever closer. Although if I were to be perfectly honest, I am nearly indifferent about both candidates. I just happened to like one slightly more than the other. Lately, I am not impressed by either of them. One candidate is becoming more wishy-washy and the other is acting like he is in high school even though he is 80 freaking years old.  Please do not take this as an invitation to tell me all the wonderful things about your favorite candidate (or all of the evils of the other). Both have some things right and some things wrong, neither have it correct.


  • I used to have a pen-pal from India when I was 13 and living in Singapore. Our dad’s worked together and we wrote to each other often but never met. I met her tonight completely by accident, God’s ….whatever you call it. We did not recognize each other at all. We connected the dots as we got to know each other and were both dumbfounded it the serendipity of it all. Of all the places in the world for pen pals from India and Singapore to met, we met at an itsy bitsy Christian college in Oklahoma City.


  • We got a new bed this weekend. It’s wonderful. When we got married, we had a water bed ( I know, so 80’s). It finally sprung several leaks this past spring, so we have been using our guest bed. A full sized bed. It’s been…ugh…close.  The old bed may have been corny, but it was a king sized bed and you couldn’t hate on it. Our new bed is big and comfortable and soft and big. I love it. Plus, we paid for it with cash, which was a great bargaining tool. We negotiated and paid 2/3’s of the original price. Did I mention it was big?


  • Michael Phelps is a rock star. I cheered him on in his final race. I’ve never really cheered for America in the Olympics before. I’ve lived a lot of different places, there are usually several countries I want to see do well. Not this time. I’m really glad he won.

Okay, I think that is just about everything I wanted to share. I’m hungry but it is way too late to eat. Tomorrow is Monday and I really am not ready for another work week. I love my job, but it is still a job. I have had so many things going on internally for the past few weeks, I feel like I need two weeks to process it all. That is what us introverts call fun – internally processing information.


One thought on “Ramblings

  1. materetuxor August 18, 2008 / 9:25 am

    Horray for lots of things! Horray for the new bed, that you are seeing the light (haha) and that Michael Phelps is awesome! That’s cool about your pen pal, is she a student this year? We need to get together again… maybe Aubrey will show you her teeth and walk to you 🙂

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