Conundrum of sorts


Yesterday was an interesting day. It was a day filled with ethical complications and I was left feeling a little bewildered. I had not one, but two major ethical situations at work to deal with. There was no clear right or wrong in either situation.

There are many no brainer kind of ethics that are simple – don’t sleep with your clients, don’t misrepresent yourself, don’t barter for your fees, don’t be friends with your clients outside of therapy etc.  Those are the easy ones.

Then there are those that are not so clear – the kind where when you consult with others to gain clarity, 50% say one thing and 50% say the exact opposite.  It did not matter which way I choose in each situation, both options felt bad and you are left in the middle. alone. clueless.

Yesterday raised several questions in my mind. As humans, we operate within a safety zone. On occasions, we come across new experiences that extend out comfort zone. No one stats using meth out of the blue, they probably start out by smoking a little weed, then a few pills, and the progression continues. On the opposite end of that spectrum, no one drops everything in their life and moves to India to serve the poor. They would have likely lived to serve others daily in small ways before they committed their entire life.

I hope that in my life, I am continually aware of what my comfort zone is, and I hope I actively choose what to expose myself to.  I’m not saying that I want to shelter myself away. What I am saying is there is wisdom in understand that it is not about how close you can get to the wall without hitting it. It is about understand what steps lead you towards the wall and choosing to take other steps when possible.


2 thoughts on “Conundrum of sorts

  1. Diane August 23, 2008 / 8:37 am

    Most of my days are like that.
    I was wondering – what did you do , if anything, about the small hand in the window? I think that would be something I would never forget. The situation could be many things, but what if…..

  2. leftcornerofmybrain August 23, 2008 / 9:00 am

    I have been watching the house carefully every time I drive by it! There has been a truck outside of it the past week, I guess I never noticed it before. I keep watching for any sign of children, but I see none. I wonder too… what if?

    I plan to keep watching for about another week and then I might call in the address for the police to do a well child check? Not sure.

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