Yeah, I still love ’em

When I was 15, my favorite song was Hanson’s Mmmbop. Since then, I have kept up with their music and still love them. But I never really acknowledged it to anyone because, well, it’s Hanson. And I’m an adult now and should have a life. There were in town tonight for a concert, and I have to say, I can’t hide it anymore. I love their music.  


Over the last year or so, I have really  made an effort try and broaden my taste in music and listen to a few other bands/musicians outside of my normal, oh, 7 artists or so.  Well, thanks to the concert tonight, I’m pretty sure my ipod will be sick of Hanson again by the end of the week. 


I did not have my camera with me tonight, but my friend Sherri did. So once I get copies from her, I will post them. 


One thought on “Yeah, I still love ’em

  1. materetuxor September 22, 2008 / 8:18 am

    Its okay friend, I love ’em too. And NSync and the Backstreet Boys and yes, even a little Britney Spears. There I said it! And I feel better now!
    BTW, thanks for coming to visit Aubrey and I this weekend 🙂

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