Trick or Treat

I can remember one Halloween as a kid that I was allowed to dress up for. I was a kitten in my ballerina tights and body suit with a little face paint. A few older kids knocked on our door and completely freaked me out because they were so scary looking. So I never really celebrated Halloween. Partly because I was not allowed, but I think that was okay with me.

To this day, I can NOT do scary things. Remember that movie Scream? The one that was so lame it was funny? Yeah, well I watched it a few years ago and spend more than 3/4’s of the movie with my hands over my eyes. Oh yeah, and I jump three feet into the air when the taxi was empty and then the guy suddenly appears in the alley. Holy Crap, even writing about it freaks me out. 

Needless to say, I do not watch scary movies around Halloween. But there is one movie I love : Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s one of my favorite movies.

Moving onto the reason for this post:

Carving pumpkins.

I have never carved one. Maybe once when I was little, but it has been at least 20 years. ( The fact that I can have 20 years since I have done something is weird. How am I getting so old so fast?!!?)

Over the last two or three years I have been determined to carve out a pumpkin.

Has it happened?


At least this year I  bought a pumpkin, which is closer than I have ever been before. So now it is the night before Halloween and I don’t think our pumpkin will get carved. It will probably remain on our front porch for another two or three weeks until I have to throw it away.

I was going to carve this:

but thought it might be a tad bit too adventurous. I thought I could give it to a friend. I know she would love it and cherish it forever. Or at least enjoy smashing it to pieces.

So what do we have planned for Halloween evening? Jeremy is determined to turn off all of the lights in the house and watch a 5 hour live marathon of Ghost Hunters with the surround sound blaring. Me? I will be hiding under the covers rocking back and forth with my fingers in my ears saying,
“Go away bad monsters, Boo!”


4 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. materetuxor October 31, 2008 / 8:29 am

    That IS scary!
    How sweet of you, how did you know I needed a new toilet?

  2. jeremyfultz October 31, 2008 / 9:24 pm

    IT’s actually 7 hours. LIVE!!!!

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