A little hope, a little change

President Elect Barack Obama and future First Lady Michelle Obama:



A little change can be good. I watched the news as the polls closed and Obama swept the country. I was in awe as his win was announced. I watched as he gave a phenomenal acceptance speech. Favorite quote from the evening, “While we breath, we hope.”

I teared up as I realized I was watching history unfold, and I had a part of it. 

It was a very interesting election. People were passionate on both sides. People cared deeply about their party and took a vested interest in the future of the country.  Regardless of how you feel about Obama, he moved people to action, resulting in an astounding number of new voters.


Two interesting facts regarding this election:

  • Nine states flipped from red to bue. That is a pretty big swing. Usually there is a state or two , but nine?!?
  • The NAACP was formed in 1909. It will be their 100 year anniversary when Barack Obama takes office.

I found this picture and thought it was fitting:



A little change is good.

People, history just happened. The story of our country just changed. 


One thought on “A little hope, a little change

  1. Carrie November 6, 2008 / 11:00 pm

    We have just witnessed history in the making!! I was and am not for Obama, but I am curious to see how he runs this country.

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