I married the Grinch

Our conversation lastnight during commercial breaks of 30Rock:

Me: Remeber how we threw out our Christmas tree last year and decided we would get a pre-lit tree this year?

Jeremy: yeah

Me: Garden Ridge has a sale tomorrow on Christmas trees. 

Jeremy: Do we need a tree this year?

Me: My whole family is coming for Christmas, a tree would be nice


Jeremy: Can we have a little 4ft tree?

Me: If we are going to have a tree I would like a big tree. 

Jeremy: (silence)

Jeremy: Do we have to buy gifts for each other too?


4 thoughts on “I married the Grinch

  1. sugardaddydating November 7, 2008 / 3:39 pm

    hahaha is true it seems you marry the human grinch! happy holidays! lol

  2. Jessica November 7, 2008 / 8:23 pm

    haha! I think its a man thing. When we first got married and had nothing in regards to a tree, lights for the house, wreaths, yard decor, etc, I went to Garden Ridge and spend $300. Ryan is STILL whining about it!

  3. Carrie November 8, 2008 / 6:17 pm

    “You’re a rotten, Mr. Grinch!! Your heart’s an empty hole…..” If it makes you feel any better, Nate was a bit of a Grinch before we had kids, so we know what the solution would be. Hmmmmm????

  4. leftcornerofmybrain November 8, 2008 / 7:27 pm

    Ha Ha, ya, I’ll put kids on my Christmas list 🙂 Ha! No way! I like to sleep in on Christmas day, otherwise I’m the grinch 😉

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