Transition is difficult

I don’t think humans were meant to live in long periods of transition. As people, we like to plan, to know what to expect in the future. We find comfort in routines. It starts as soon as we are born. We know that infants do better with routines- their brains develop more efficiently when they know what to expect. 

Right now I am in transition in all areas of my life. At work, a new program is opening this summer. At home, we are getting ready to add another family member, become parents, to change the way we relate as husband and wife. Spiritually I am finding myself challenged and stretching. 

Transition is uncomfortable. Any type of growth typically is.  Yet, I am feeling a peace about it all.  I know that life is changing, but I believe it will all be for the better. 

How have you changed recently?


One thought on “Transition is difficult

  1. ggw_bach February 2, 2009 / 12:51 am

    man is the creature of habit. Too much uncertainly acts as an acid on the mind; we need to have a modicum of certainly. A most relevant point in these shaky times.

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