I am married to a wonderful guy. He makes the boring things in life fun. We just passed the  7 year mark and have loved (nearly) every minute of it. I grew up overseas in Canada, Asia and Australia.  I work as a Early Childhood Therapist for at risk kiddos 0-5 years old. You have to be a little strange to work in the mental health field to start with, but I usually have fun with it.

We are in the middle of adopting out daughter from my husband’s Native American tribe. It has been an interesting process full of ups and downs. Our daughter arrived in June 2010. We are settling into  life as a family of three pretty well so far. Little M makes life 1000x more interesting than before.

The idea of learning something new sparks my interest every time. I tend to over think things way too often. We found a church that we love – I actually look forward to Sundays which has not been the case in many many years. My faith is a big part of me and defines how I frame my life.

All in all, I’m a simple girl who loves a good book, a notebook, a pencil and some free time.  Put me by the beach or a lake and I can be pretty content. And now that we have a baby in our home, good books and free time is non existent, but I am finding new ways to make the most of life.

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